Faith is belief in that which cannot be proven. While some matters can be confirmed or disproven through the scientific method, other matters remain in a state of uncertainty or unpredictability In those matters where the scientific method cannot be applied, faith with a positive twist is the ground from which the law of attraction creates the best possible outcome

Improve society

To be an integral part of a community where every individual is empowered to fully realize their God-given potential.

To construct the pillars upon which a lasting civilization may stand. To inspire every individual to shed their limiting thoughts and to reach their utmost potential. Together.

Process information

Our goal is to create procedures that inhibit these traits of establishing equilibrium and regularity. As a consequence, the systems that remain will stabilize to their desired function and the patterns that emerge become predictable in their performance. Systems, procedures and organization that do not have this intended purpose may in the end be superseded by the ones that do.