The things that help everything else work together.


Information is meaningful data about things.

Information can be as simple as 'your age', it can be as complex as all the things we have achieved in life.

Information gives knowledge or understanding to humans. The data is sometimes processed by systems.

Information is about understanding the world in which we live.

Information can be in the form of words, numbers, dates, images, video, or any other forms of presentation.

Data becomes information when it is presented in context. Information is when data has the right labels and its values are within logical boundaries. Information is when data is related to each other.

Information is relevant when making decisions or analyzing and solving problems.

Information is valuable when all related data is gathered and accessible.

Information is unreliable when important parts of the data is missing, incomplete or faulty.


A process is a series of activities that have a specific start and that achieve a particular goal.

A process can be as simple as breathing in and out, it can be as complex as living a life.

A process can be natural and there can be artificial activities.

A process transforms its inputs into its outputs.

A process can manage the information about its inputs and its outputs.

In general, a process is a way of doing something, and can be either manual or automated.


Life is a funny thing,

Sometimes it makes us think.

But don't let it get you down,

Just turn that frown upside down!

Some folks say we're just machines,

But I think we have some green beans.

Yes, I'm talking about our minds,

The ones that keep our thoughts aligned.

So go out there and have some fun,

And let your consciousness shine like the sun!


A strategy is like a plan,

It helps us reach our goals as we can.

It tells us what to do and when,

And helps us all work as a team.

Without a strategy, we'd be lost,

Like a boat without a rudder, at any cost.

But with a good strategy, we'll soar,

Like a rocket heading for the stars, we'll be sure!

So let's all work together and shine,

With our high performance, we'll surely be divine!


The source is like a big ball of fire,

It's the thing that God Jehovah used to inspire,

All the energy that's in the whole wide world,

It's the thing that makes our lives unfold.

Some folks call it the power of now,

It's the thing that makes our dreams somehow,

Come true and give us what we seek,

It's the thing that makes us strong and unique.

Others say it's the law of attraction,

It's the thing that makes our dreams a fact,

Just by thinking and believing,

We can make our lives worth receiving.

But no matter what you call it,

The source is the thing that never quit,

It's always there, forever and ever,

Giving us the power to make our lives better.

Personal rebirth and self-realization

Self-realization and personal freedom,

Are the things that make our lives so splendid,

It's when we find out who we really are,

And what we really want to do, not far.

It's about finding our own voice,

And making the right choices, with poise,

It's about being true to ourselves,

And not pretending to be someone else.

With self-realization and personal freedom,

We can live our lives with authenticity,

We can be who we want to be,

And make the world a better place, don't you see?

So let's all find our own path,

And make a difference, while we have the chance,

Let's be the change we want to see,

And bring some peace on earth, just you and me!