The true meaning of God

Last night, just a few hours ago, I had a dream about the word of God.

In this dream I was in the company of a few people. An elderly woman and a younger woman.

We shared some revelations that came to us. We were reading a translation of the Bible, however not one that I recognize from anything that I have seen in real life. The theme of the story was familiar.

This part was about the origin of water, and weather. It stated how, through the power of god, everything came into existence.

As we were sitting together, we read through this page;

Through the power vested in me I call into existence the Heavens and the Earth.

I call into existence everything that is, everything that has been and everything that will be.

I call into existence myself as the embodiment of knowledge, which is beyond eternal.

I am the creator beyond creation. Whichever way consciousness flows, it flows through me.

These are not the exact words we read in my dream, yet they are the words as the come to me now.

Upon waking up, I had a strange sensation. I felt the power of god.

Which was odd and scary, as I had felt similar power over a year ago. Just before my psychosis.

I knew that this time I need not be afraid.

Knowledge makes it so we can trust our bodies. We will not merely dissolve, even though some say it is a literal scientific possibility.

Through science we now know the act of placebo. It is the name we give for a phenomena that cannot be explained by the physical properties of material and nature coming together.

We also know that through meditation and mental practice our bodies can be changed, even without any actual physical exercise.

By combining these insights, it is odd to me that people deny the ‘existence’ of God. Although I fully understand that our definition of God is often what is lacking.

A rose by any other name, is still a rose and still smells as sweet.

Belief in God is not limited by calling him by his name. When you believe in the observations you are doing, you believe in your own experience. This is also belief in God, whatever name you give to it.

Another explanation of the words above is as follows.

Through our own existence, we determine the labels we place on our experience and our consciousness. Some people choose to label these as act of God, some label them as nature or science. Whichever name we choose is never important for the actual meaning behind our words.

Words are a distraction when placed in the wrong context. I always try to be very clear about both the Context, the Meaning and the Words I use. This is necessary in order to transcend different realities, as experienced by different people in different circumstances.

We, the people of planet Earth, can unite. All differences we see are merely different realities of the One thing we have in common: we exist.

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