How to Conquer Sadness & Despair

There have been a few movements in my life that have pushed me from sadness into happiness , then into Heaven , then into Hell , into despair, and into Happiness again.

The first time around, I made the trip for myself. Apparently, I can say in hindsight, I needed to experience this. 

My inner  light  awakened. 🔥🔥

This was about 9 years ago, and I have not lost attachment to Inner Peace ever since.

(Disclaimer: Except perhaps in a few moments of which I was unaware and Devil took control of me. I am responsible for letting that happen, but didn’t know how to prevent it, at that time.)

And then, the second time around , I made the trip for you.  I had to discover if there is any validity  to the Victim role. I had to discover if there is any reason AT ALL to stay in this passive, non-attached, action-less state of being. 

There isn’t.

I can say now  that there is absolutely no Valid Reason to ever give up. It is simply Madness.

There are reasons to take a break, to recharge, to fill up your battery , for they are plenty. And they are always temporary.

T.A.K.E _ R.E.S.P.O.N.S.I.B.I.L.I.T.Y

It doesn’t matter WHAT you want to accomplish in life. It doesn’t even matter IF you want to accomplish something in life.

What does matter is whether you take responsibility for living your life in the moment, and deciding to approach it with Optimism  and Positivity 

If you need assistance with any of that, let anyone know.
Maybe me?

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