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Always take care of yourself first
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Always take care of yourself first.

If you don’t, you will get depleted. If you do, you can let your energy flow over in abundance.

About 8 years ago, I began my journey of meditation and awakening at a time in my life where things just came crumbling down. A relationship ended, the job that was to good to be true … was indeed to good to be true and from a material standpoint things seemed to get worse.

But I persisted, I learned, and I decided to take matters into my own hands again.

I built my life UP again. Got a job, started dancing (a new hobby at that time) and kept on learning. I studied Buddhism, Taoism, Business skills, Marketing and many other areas that interested me.

My life since than has been a very pleasant journey.

Until about a year ago, when I discovered I had spent to much time on the superficial things. I had neglected one of the most important lessons of all: To take care of myself first, so that I could take care of others.

In the past year I was taken care of by my loved once, which enabled me to find myself again. Also, as always in my life, I continued studying all kinds of interests I have.

The time has come to share more of my knowledge. In a format that more and more people will begin to understand. The lessons I share may not be new, but I try to make them more accessible to everyone. Using simple terms, some examples but never only examples.

I love to hear what you see in the picture attached. Does it ruffle some of your feathers? Are you actively chasing your dreams or passively living your life? Do you know how to stop worrying and start fantasizing?

Let’s hear it for everyone that shares love and abundance to the world.