Emotions bring color to our world

This morning I visisted a Jehovahs Witness at his home. He showed my a short version of this video.

Here is some background on the journey I have traveled. I wonder where it will take me.

The only BELIEF that I held for a long time has been SCIENCE.

Then, as always suddenly, GOD appeared in my consciousness.

The journey for TRUTH has begun. To me, the truth can be described like this.

Everything that IS, is truth.
Everything that IS NOT, is false.

There are a few steps between EVERYTHING and our PERCEPTION of things being true or false.

Everything is self-explanatory, right?
Just to be clear: With everything I literally mean everything. This is not limited to any dictionary or measurement. This is what defines the dictionaries and measurements.

In our Human experience, the next step after everything are the SENSES we use to detect everything.
Many people believe we only have 5 senses. Then each group of people that calls themselves something, have devices or senses to sense a little more. Some scientists are pro-time, others are reverse-time (quantum physics). Some workers believe in hard work, others believe in sending out the positive vibes (Law of attraction-onists).

Each person has their own choice of which senses they use.

Each sensor that we use, can give us certain Measurements. Our eyes measure light, a microscope does this on a smaller scale, a telescope does this on a larger scale. Our ears hear sounds … Both light and sounds are waves of energy.
Our touch senses objects … which a microscope sees as waves of energy.

From measurements we deduct conclusions. These conclusions get the verdict of True of False, based on the dictionary that is used to interpret the measurements.

To me, there are many senses, many dimensions in which to deduct a conclusion.

In the physical dictionary of practical life, a table is solid.
In the quantum-physics dictionary of theoretical measurements, a table is a wave of energy.

I understand both to be true and/or false, depending on the context in which the discussion takes place. A discussion with a woodworker is different than the discussion with a philosophic.

Ultimately, it all comes down to YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE.

Which reality do YOU want to live in?

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