Emotions bring color to our world

This morning I visisted a Jehovahs Witness at his home. He showed my a short version of this video.

Here is some background on the journey I have traveled. I wonder where it will take me.

The only BELIEF that I held for a long time has been SCIENCE.

Then, as always suddenly, GOD appeared in my consciousness.

The journey for TRUTH has begun. To me, the truth can be described like this.

Everything that IS, is truth.
Everything that IS NOT, is false.

There are a few steps between EVERYTHING and our PERCEPTION of things being true or false.

Everything is self-explanatory, right?
Just to be clear: With everything I literally mean everything. This is not limited to any dictionary or measurement. This is what defines the dictionaries and measurements.

In our Human experience, the next step after everything are the SENSES we use to detect everything.
Many people believe we only have 5 senses. Then each group of people that calls themselves something, have devices or senses to sense a little more. Some scientists are pro-time, others are reverse-time (quantum physics). Some workers believe in hard work, others believe in sending out the positive vibes (Law of attraction-onists).

Each person has their own choice of which senses they use.

Each sensor that we use, can give us certain Measurements. Our eyes measure light, a microscope does this on a smaller scale, a telescope does this on a larger scale. Our ears hear sounds … Both light and sounds are waves of energy.
Our touch senses objects … which a microscope sees as waves of energy.

From measurements we deduct conclusions. These conclusions get the verdict of True of False, based on the dictionary that is used to interpret the measurements.

To me, there are many senses, many dimensions in which to deduct a conclusion.

In the physical dictionary of practical life, a table is solid.
In the quantum-physics dictionary of theoretical measurements, a table is a wave of energy.

I understand both to be true and/or false, depending on the context in which the discussion takes place. A discussion with a woodworker is different than the discussion with a philosophic.

Ultimately, it all comes down to YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE.

Which reality do YOU want to live in?

Heart – Brain Coherence

My mom and dad just came over for dinner. As always, talks were made, words were used.

I had a real trigger when my dad said something along the lines of “You are not going to make it.”

Which is something that occurred to me in the past few days.

That is not MY REALITY. That is HIS reality.

MY REALITY is easy: I AM going to make it.

And these are two very different things.

I have had a lot of plans, growing up. Many of which were fantasies in my head, that never became reality. I did not feel supported, and that held me back.

My parent did support me, and I love them for all the good things they did. I’ve just had low self-esteem in the past, and that is why some messages we’re not received as they were intended.

I know my dad means well. I have never seen or heard of him doing something with ill intent. Ever.

Fast forward a few years, when I did start my own company. Apparently successful, at some point making € 22.000,- per month for about 6 months a row.

Why did my customers pay me that amount of money? Because I delivered that much VALUE to them.

I do deliver that amount of value.

And now, it’s time to re-think the future.

Am I going to play games? Am I going to need rest? At times, yes. But not all the time.

Am I going to take advice on financial matters from TV, school, my family? People who have a decent live, but not living their dreams?

To that I say: HELL NO.

The past 18 months I have looked for teachers and mentors that make at least 50.000 per month, consistently. I have watched what they do, how they do it … and how they teach others!

Apparently… teaching others HOW TO ACCOMPLISH THEIR DREAMS is something that a lot of people are interested in.

And that is something that I can do for you.

I am here for you if you need personal guidance.

Yet I have also learned that to get a reward, you need to provide value first. (Those 22k months didn’t just fall out of the sky, they were preceded by 2 years of hard hard hard work.)

So, here is a summary of the VALUE I LOVE TO SHARE with YOU.

These are just some of the steps needed to propel yourself FORWARD. I believe these are some of the basics decisions that you need to make, to get the most out your own time.


Become a leader.

No one else is going to determine what reality you live in. Your reality is limited only by two things: The material YOU (your body) and the materials that surround you now (home, city, work, school, family, etc)

The other thing that defines your reality is your personal experience. Do you worry about the past or the future, or do you FANTASIZE about it. Whichever choice you make: that is what you will encounter more of.


Whichever materials you invest in, they don’t last. Everything material needs maintenance.

However, if you invest in yourself, you can carry that knowledge and experience with you FOR LIFE. No maintenance required.

It is worthwhile to invest in the best education out there (ask me about it).

Or start for free on Youtube.
Some of the best inspiration out there is for free.

* Napoleon Hill
* Ari Maccabi
* Darren Little
* Tony Robbins
* Oprah Winfrey
* Many, many, many more.
* It’s like a religion, except they don’t call themselves a religion…


Poor people do things themselves, so they save money.

Rich people save time, by buying products and services that make their lives easier.

With time, you can make more money. Without time, money can’t make money.

IF YOU WANT TO SAVE TIME, send me a message. I know A LOT about services that are available FOR FREE on the internet, or for very low costs. MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER.

Also, one of the dreams I have, is that many of these time savers are available for free, forever. However, I need to build that platform, and that will probably take some time. HELP ME get the experience I need, by providing services FOR YOU.


The main driving force of the universe is neutral. Nature doesn’t care about A-Bombs, Nature will survive anything that happens to it.

The second driving force of the Universe is ABUNDANCE.

From the moment we are born till the moment we die, everybody is granted the same rights: TO LIVE IN ABUNDANCE.

However, If you don’t take control of your FAITH, then what will take control of YOU?

YOU are in the CENTER of YOUR UNIVERSE. This is true wherever and whenever you go.

In traditional times: Your senses give you a perception, you look at that perception, and then you respond in a certain way.

Take control of your response. You ONLY need to do this when a decision is to be made. The other times you can run on AUTO-PILOT.

Decide to go for the better future. Then go on auto-pilot. And rest when it is needed. Sometimes it’s OKAY to PROCRASTINATE. (There’s even science backing this statement up.)

That’s all folks. Until next time, I love to talk to you … IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE LEADERSHIP OF YOUR OWN LIFE.

Once last thing: We do not make people dependent on us, we make people GROW so they can become INDEPENDENT themselves. INDEPENDENT LEADERS create MORE independent leaders.

Journey into Transcendence

Tonight, after 3 days in another city, I traveled home.
At first, the journey seemed to become as neutral as ever. A few people chit-chatting here, a few there.

A few stolen glances. Many people who immediately return to thinking.

So after settling down, I took out this laptop and started working on the bigger picture: To share our knowledge with all of you.

As I was typing, we come to a stop at the next station. People get out, people get in.

A bright young man of 74 years old comes sitting in the bench facing mine.

He notices the sticker on this laptop: Stairway to Heaven.

Our eyes lock.

There is some recognition. There is a feeling that this may turn into an interesting evening after all.

We start chatting and it is immediately clear that we can skip the mundane. We recognize that each of us possess knowledge of the mind, of the spirit.

Throughout our conversation, I recognize and acknowledge that there are still many things that I need to learn.

One of the golden nuggets of this conversation was yet another insight into how we experience pain.

Sometimes, I experience pain. In a moment. In this moment.

Many other times, I experience pain. In this moment too … yet it is merely caused, in that moment, by the surfacing of a memory.

A memory that I, for some reason, still experience as painful.

A memory that causes me to experience pain, even though the situation has long since passed.

Having a memory, that is totally fine to me.
Having the memory of feeling pain, that is totally fine to me too.
Having a memory that doesn’t effect me today, except because it effects me? That is not fine by me.

I immediately became aware of some pain that I carry in me. The memory of things that my dad told me, that I did not agree with. Today, I can explain those memories to my dad, and discuss the deeper meaning of that message.

Today I have the knowledge, strength and wisdom to dig deeper in those once painful situation.

But there are no reasons for me to experience pain now, just because it caused me pain once.

There is a clear distinction between then and now.

Let go of pain. It is only a reminder of the past.

Clear all cluttering messages, memories, thoughts and old feelings. Return to living in the here and now.

In the here and now, I can be aware of what’s coming my way. To enable all of my senses.